Tradizioni Malcesine

Amarone Gin aus Valpolicella


 At harvest time, the hills of Valpolicella turn amber while grapes and must fill the air with their fragrance. We created Grapeheart gin inspired by these aromas and colours, selecting the botanicals from the plants and flowers that grow in the vineyards on our hills.

Vines are at the heart of this elegant and refined Compound gin. Thanks to an exclusive production technique, we flavour the botanicals with the iconic Amarone della Valpolicella wine, which smooths the floral and herbal notes providing harmony to this unique spirit.

To collect the hilly scent and incorporate the aromas of wine we let tiny droplets settle on the botanicals before infusing them in wheat alcohol. We employed an ultrasound sonicator to obtain a cold vaporization of wine.

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